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RHICRelativistic Heavy Ion Collider (Brookhaven National Lab)
RHICRadio Hypnotic Intracerebral Control
RHICRural Health Information Clearinghouse (Georgia)
RHICR.H. Investment Corporation (Encino, CA)
RHICRadiation Hardened Integrated Circuit
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Peter Jacobs, head of the experimental group at Berkeley Lab that carried out the first jet and flow measurements with the STAR Collaboration at RHIC, said the new result is "very valuable as a window into the precise nature of the quark gluon plasma.
The RHIC is the first instrument that can, in essence, take us back in time to see how matter behaved at the start of the universe.
The hotel market in Russia and the CIS is in its infancy and RHIC offers a fabulous opportunity for senior executives from the hospitality industry to explore the development potential in the region, meet investment partners, and uncover new business opportunities," said Jonathan Worsley, RHIC conference co-organiser.
The resulting material, called quark-gluon plasma, was tentatively reported at RHIC several years ago.
His unique perspective is sure to be a highlight of the conference programme," added Tony D'Avino, executive vice president of Questex Media Group, and RHIC conference co-organiser.
Subsequent papers present recent research in these topics and others, particularly those associated with the labs and projects such as HERA, TeVatron, SLAC, CERN, RHIC, and Jefferson Lab.
This is just one among many unexpected connections we've found between RHIC physics and other scientific forefronts," he told the Bits and Bytes blog.
99 percent of the speed of light using a machine called RHIC (for Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider).
Specific subjects examined include the search for electroweak single top quark production, B-decays in the heavy-quark expansion, theories with extra dimensions, and evidence for hot, bulk QCD matter and quenching of jets at RHIC.
Many features of this matter is already observed in RHIC and LHC experiments, one of them being the jet-quenching phenomenon.
The strangeness value could be non-zero in the core of collapsed stars, so the present measurements at RHIC will help us distinguish between models that describe these exotic states of matter," said Jinhui Chen, one of the lead authors, a postdoctoral researcher at Kent State University and currently a staff scientist at the Shanghai Institute of Applied Physics.
The stuff's viscosity seemed close to Son's prediction, says Larry McLerran, a RHIC (pronounced "rick") experimentalist.