RHPAReview and Herald Publishing Association
RHPARental Housing Protection Act (Canada)
RHPAReverse Hemolytic Plaque Assay
RHPARegulated Health Professionals Act of 1991 (Canada)
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Estudios previos sugieren que la fisonomia que presenta el ambiente de la RHPA constituye un aspecto clave para determinar la condicion en que se encuentran los recursos naturales (Cabido, 1985; Cabido y Acosta, 1986; Cabido et al.
Caceres (2006b) describe en detalle los aspectos operativo-instrumentales utilizados en la medicion de indicadores de sustentabilidad desde el enfoque de procesos, aplicados al estudio de caso de la RHPA.
Many of the controlled acts listed in the RHPA are presently being performed by traditional healers, community health care workers and aboriginal midwives.
Many native women feel that the RHPA jeopardizes their efforts to reclaim women's central role in the birthing process.
The brief calls for formal recognition of aboriginal midwifery practices and the exemption of aboriginal community midwives from the RHPA.
16) This privilege of self-governance, as determined by the RHPA, 1991, allows for the enforcement of various statutory duties by the CCO.
Over the eight years since the RHPA was proclaimed, the average period for a case to complete the disciplinary process and be disposed, was 19.
Gotlib was chosen for a two year term, primarily for his background in professional regulation and experience with the DPA, the HPLR and the RHPA.
December 31, 1993, the RHPA was proclaimed and the BDC replaced by the College of Chiropractors of Ontario (CCO) which had its first meeting March 26, 1994.