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This year the RHRC contributed more than $20,000 in materials and supplies, 12,648 hours of service and $144,120 worth of added value in free labor to the community.
Earlier this year, the members of the RHRC Consortium wrote to Clinton urging the new administration to:
Sheikh SaadAAEs delight stood out and his efforts to promote the sport were acknowledged by the RHRC who felicitated him as this yearAAEs best horse owner.
Other markers of development of the field since the mid-1990s include the creation of a range of RH technical manuals and guidelines specific to crisis settings by individual agencies and groups of partners; (18-20) successful advocacy for policy change carried out in UN, donor and NGO fora; (2) professional conferences held in 2000 and 2003, sponsored by the RHRC Consortium, and a forthcoming conference in 2008 sponsored by the RAISE Initiative in collaboration with the RHRC Consortium, to promote knowledge-sharing; (21,22) research studies carried out; and journal articles published.
Last week, the CHR and the ARMM RHRC announced that it would finish its probe of the Mamasapano carnage within three months or before the end of the term of CHR chairperson Loretta Ann Rosales in May.
2009 "UW RHRC Rural Urban Communting Area Codes--RUCA" [accessed on December 7, 2009].
Marie Stopes International, Women's Commission on behalf of the RHRC Consortium.
Edylynn Santiago, head of the sub-office of the RHRC for Basilan, Sulu and Tawi-Tawi, said they have been documenting arrests by outsiders - meaning, government agents belonging to units outside of those deployed in Basilan.