RHSVRecurrent Herpes Simplex Virus Ocular Infection
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I was also able to persuade my good friend Margaret Carnegie, when she was able to spend more time in Melbourne away from Holbrook, to become a Council member for the RHSV and later to join the committee of the Friends of the La Trobe Library.
In the case of the Friends of the La Trobe Library, the legal officer for the RHSV, Eric Rundle, presented a draft when he became a member of the interim committee.
Another salted paper print is in the RHSV collection, where Kerr's caption reads 'Corroborie, held at night/Fernyhurst, Australia Felix/JHK/Eugene Montague Scott' and where a later caption is 'Victoria--Corroboree on John Hunter Kerr's station on Loddon.
24) These images were donated to the RHSV by Mrs Howitt in 1932.