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RIAARecording Industry Association of America
RIAAResponsible Investment Association Australasia (professional body)
RIAARural Internet Access Authority
RIAAReports of International Arbitral Awards (UN)
RIAARoadmarking Industry Association of Australia (est. 1990)
RIAARegional Implementation Annex for Africa (UN Convention to Combat Desertification)
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com/riaa-pirate-bay-attacks-fundamental-human-rights-141028/) TorrentFreak , RIAA has presented its list of "rogue" websites to the Office of the U.
According to RIAA senior vice president for communications, Jonathan Lamy, "We can identify the IP addresses associated with the user engaging in illegal activity, [and the Internet Service Provider] is able to match a specific IP address with the account holder (Ward, 2007, p.
In five years, the RIAA has issued some 35,000 lawsuits against alleged music pirates, many of whom were using their institutions' high-speed networks.
Part of the issue with infringement is for people to be aware that their actions are not anonymous," Times Online quoted Mitch Bainwol, the chairman of the RIAA, as saying.
The interesting thing about the music piracy debate is that the RIAA is right.
The enormous damage compounded with every illegal download is alarming--thousands of regular, working class musicians and others out of work, stores shuttered, new bands never signed," says Steven Marks, executive vice president and general counsel, RIAA.
When consumers steal music, everyone suffers, says Amanda Hunter, deputy director of communications for the RIAA.
In a case filed in Worcester, RIAA seeks injunctive relief and unspecified damages from Michael Reilly, of 22 West St.
Do you think the RIAA and their strict new anti-mixtape measures are going to make the game bigger and badder or are they going to squash it?
The RIAA searchable database shows digital single certifications currently numbering fewer than 150 across all genres and reading as a 'who's who' of the hottest artists in music, with Usher, the Black Eyed Peas, Maroon 5, Beyonce, and 50 Cent among the other artists to have scored multiple certifications.
On the one hand, it may be determined unethical for the RIAA to go about suing their own customers as a means of getting a message across.
Until then, the RIAA continues to chip away at piracy by unleashing fresh lawsuits.