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RIAARecording Industry Association of America
RIAAResponsible Investment Association Australasia (professional body)
RIAARural Internet Access Authority
RIAAReports of International Arbitral Awards (UN)
RIAARoadmarking Industry Association of Australia (est. 1990)
RIAARegional Implementation Annex for Africa (UN Convention to Combat Desertification)
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The RIAA said piracy is partly to blame for worldwide sales of recorded music being down to $33.
After Frist got a handle on the job, Bainwol again tried to open his own firm, but the RIAA came calling.
With the feat, BTS became the first K-pop group to be certified by RIAA, which awards certifications based on record sales in the US.
In fact, the RIAA report  revealed that ad-supported on-demand streaming increased by 24 percent to $195 million in the first half of the 2016 calendar year.
The launch of new services like TIDAL and Apple Music made this one of the most watched and talked about spaces in the industry, according to the RIAA.
The Digital Pinoy is "the most notorious forum site in the Philippines which is dedicated to infringing original Pilipino music (OPM)," RIAA said in an Oct.
the RIAA chief believes a major thrust of the immediate future in fighting piracy is in voluntary agreements rather than congressional action.
According to RIAA senior vice president for communications, Jonathan Lamy, "We can identify the IP addresses associated with the user engaging in illegal activity, [and the Internet Service Provider] is able to match a specific IP address with the account holder (Ward, 2007, p.
In the meantime, the fight against illegal downloading continues to evolve, with the RIAA shifting its focus away from individual lawsuits toward a graduated-response approach with ISPs that could see music pirates losing their internet access.
In five years, the RIAA has issued some 35,000 lawsuits against alleged music pirates, many of whom were using their institutions' high-speed networks.
Part of the issue with infringement is for people to be aware that their actions are not anonymous," Times Online quoted Mitch Bainwol, the chairman of the RIAA, as saying.
The interesting thing about the music piracy debate is that the RIAA is right.