RIAJRecording Industry Association of Japan
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Ishizaka also addressed piracy issues and how the RIAJ is tackling them, by revealing that the body have initiated a combination of criminal charges, specially labeled websites and education campaigns to stop illegal downloads, which currently stands at 407 million mobile songs a year, far outstripping legal downloads (329 million in 2008).
Kei Ishizaka, CEO & Chairman, Universal Music LLC Japan, and Chairman RIAJ, will be opening the conference with a keynote address followed by panel sessions in association with the MPAJ aimed at drilling down further into this trailblazing market.
Music recordings provided by RIAJ were embedded with unique identification codes using Verance's proprietary digital audio watermark technology and distributed to various commercial broadcasters.
Following the conclusion of the trial and the analysis of the detection data provided by the ConfirMedia system, JASRAC and RIAJ issued a joint statement to announce that the ConfirMedia technology fully meets their commercial requirements as a broadcast monitoring information service.
The Recording Industry Association of America, along with its sister organizations IFPI, in Europe, and RIAJ, in Japan, and the major record companies, were the driving forces behind the initial launch of SDMI.