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RIATRoyal International Air Tatoo
RIATRapid Impact Assessment Team
RIATRussian International Academy for Tourism
RIATRunway Incursion Action Team
RIATReasons for Not Intensifying Antihypertensive Treatment
RIATRede de Informação E Assistência Técnica
RIATRwanda Interagency Assessment Team
RIATRecord ID Attribute Table
RIATRoundtable on Information Access and Technology
RIATRisk, Intelligence and Analysis Team (UK)
RIATResearch Institute for Advanced Technology
RIATReuse Issues Action Team
RIATReserve Industrial Augmentation Team
RIATRaising Individual Achievement Team
RIATRunway Incursion and Surface Error Prevention Team
RIATRadio-Immune Antiglobulin Test
RIATRadio Immuno Assay Technology
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They normally handle a stream of airliners all day long, but at RIAT we're handling fast jets, vintage aircraft, microlights and formation teams, so there is a great variety to be seen and most of the team are aircraft enthusiasts as well.
The F-16 has always been an outstanding display aircraft, and I am sure Capt Sotirios will demonstrate its attributes to the full at RIAT 2015.
Riat visitors drawn by posters making it one of the most anticipated aviation events had to settle for a "stress ball" shaped like an F-35 but saw a dazzling display of other planes.
Riat, aged 49, was found guilty of sexual assault and seven charges of sexual activity with a child at Gloucester Crown Court.
She once warned Riat she planned to take her own life - only for him to sneer: "Thank you for sacrificing yourself for me.
Mr Riat said he believed that the light fingered chimp was a pet trained by its owner to steal.
Mr Riat, a 43-year-old teacher, speculated that the lightfingered primate must have been trained to steal phones.
The RIAT team was sent to Rwanda in the weeks just leading up to the outbreak of hostilities in Congo [in August 1998].
RIAT runs Saturday and Sunday, July 15-16, 2006, at RAF Fairford in Gloucestershire.
He was a reviewer for the reanalysis manuscript and provided unpaid advice on the RIAT process before and during the submission process.
Seva School head Devinder Riat , left, and the former Barclays building at Walsgrave |Triangle which would need change of planning permission to use as a school Triangle which would need change of planning permission to use as a school