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RIGTransocean Offshore (stock symbol)
RIGRabies Immune Globulin
RIGReal Internal Growth (finance)
RIGReach Interoperability Guidelines
RIGReduction in Grade
RIGRadio Station Equipment (Amateur Radio)
RIGRate Integrating Gyro
RIGRegionally Important Geological/Geomorphological Sites (UK)
RIGRandom Item Generator (gaming)
RIGReuse Interoperability Group
RIGResidential Investment Group
RIGRapid Intellect Group
RIGRisk-Based Inspection Guide
RIGrecognition identification group (US DoD)
RIGRadar Image Generator
RIGRequirements Integration Group
RIGRosettanet Implementation Guideline
RIGRemote IP Gateway
RIGRijksinstituut voor Grondmechanica (Dutch: National Institute of Soil Mechanics; Belgium)
RIGRadio Iguaneoudon Gironde (French radio station)
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Of those three varieties of fore-and-aft rig, the cutter - the racing rig PAR EXCELLENCE - is of an appearance the most imposing, from the fact that practically all her canvas is in one piece.
Dad keeps my spare rig where he kin overhaul it, 'cause ma sez I'm keerless.
Hours afterward, in the fires of sunset, where the Sacramento and the San Joaquin tumble their muddy floods together, I took the New York Cut-Off, skimmed across the smooth land-locked water past Black Diamond, on into the San Joaquin, and on to Antioch, where, somewhat sobered and magnificently hungry, I laid alongside a big potato sloop that had a familiar rig.
But before Miss Jemima Parrs father could get another rig to follow them they were so far away he couldent catch them before they got married.
I started at once in this harmless seaman's rig and inquired at all the yards down the river.
Now, you'll do very well as to rig, all but that cap.
And she--she spoke afterwards about her being seen in that rig.
Her knowledge of literature and art surprised him, while deep down was the feeling that a girl who knew such things had no right to know how to rig tackles, heave up anchors, and sail schooners around the South Seas.
The report titled Global Offshore Rig Construction Market Outlook to 2018 - Rising Energy Demand & Deepwater Drilling Activities to Intensify the Market presents a comprehensive analysis of the industry covering aspects including market size by offshore rig deliveries, active offshore rigs, rigs (or platforms) fleet, rigs (or platforms) contracted and value of working rigs and market segmentation by different types of offshore rigs, by geography including regions and countries for offshore deliveries and active offshore rigs; by offshore rig day rates, rig utilization rates and others.
Wayne Kipp, Senior Vice-President of ADR Development stated, "Our customers asked for a more powerful rig to drill long lateral sections in horizontal wells, and a more agile rig to move quickly from pad to pad.
Overview and analysis of the global offshore rig construction market to 2016
In July 2005, the United States had 1,412 active rigs searching for, or developing, oil and natural gas, compared to just 1,229 rigs in July 2004.