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RIIRouting Information Identifier
RIIRisk Informed Inspection
RIIRevue de l'Ingénieur Industriel (French: Journal of Industrial Engineering; Belgium)
RIIRouting Information Indicator
RIIRemote Ignition Interrupter (monster truck emergency power switch)
RIIRelevant Information and Intelligence
RIIRequired Inspection Item (FAA)
RIIRequest for Intelligence Information
RIIRegistro de Industrias Integradas (Spanish: Registration Integrated Industries)
RIIReform of International Institutions
RIIReinvestment & Infrastructure Initiative
RIIRequired Item Inspection (aviation; FAA)
RIIRequired Item Installation
RIIRéseau International des Ingénieurs (French: International Network of Engineers)
RIIRobinsons Inn, Inc.
RIIReactive Infiltration Instability (geology)
RIIRéseau International Immobilier (French: International Real Estate Network)
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He served as country leader and president, RII in the UAE since July 2014.
To date, RII has spent over $50 mm developing STRIP.
Even outside the core or buffer zone, if there is a high-rise building, that also ruins the landscape, Rii said, emphasizing the importance of the Rice Terraces as the first cultural landscape inscribed onto the World Heritage list.
A comparison of white patients residing in neighborhoods with [greater than or equal to]20% of persons living below poverty with those living in areas with <5% below poverty resulted in an RII of 2.
RII Builders is offering cold cash and yet (you are saying) we do not like that offer and we just want our exposure of P5.
The BG- or CT-level indicator detected a greater RII in 10 percent, and the ZIP indicator detected a larger RII in 4 percent.
In contrast to the RII, the SII is an absolute measure of social inequality.
Acquisitions were made in MRM mode by use of 6 transitions for both RII and RII-IS peptides (see Supplemental Tables 1 and 2, which accompany the online version of this article at http://www.
Summary of survey results on external factors RII Rank in Rank in total group Economic environment 0.
This could be a daunting task considering that in case of well oversubscribed issues, the number of applications received from RIIs was in the range of 35,000 to 70,000," Sebi added.
Regarding role identity (Hypothesis 2), both RII and RIO showed significant correlations with OCBO and OCBI: RII presented a greater correlation with OCBI and RIO with OCBO.