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RIIARoyal Institute of International Affairs (London, UK)
RIIARetirement Income Industry Association
RIIAResearch Initiative on International Activism (social movement research; University of Technology Sydney; Australia)
RIIARed de Intercambio de Información de las Américas
RIIARabbit Ileal Invasion Assay (molecular biology)
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Over time, we expect it to become an increasingly important resource for retirement industry professionals for perspective, validated retirement planning knowledge, tools and concepts, practice management, and innovative ideas from both RIIA, its members and website contributors.
However, the full extent of the tragedy in Soviet Ukraine only became apparent in late March 1933, when Malcolm Muggeridge and Gareth Jones published eyewitness accounts in the Manchester Guardian and London Evening Standard, and Jones delivered a lecture on the topic at an RIIA meeting chaired by Malone (LD 30 March 1933).
Oil content of hybrids with HA 434, HA 435, RIIA 436, RHA 437, and RHA 438 was 465, 470, 462, 471, and 482 g [kg.
In early 1937 the CFR and the RIIA each established subgroups on war debts and trade practices that exchanged highly confidential memoranda and other documents across the Atlantic and commented on their proposals and analyses.
With heavy investments over several years, Iraqi oil production could increase to 6% of the world's oil supply, whilst the capacity of Saudi Arabia is three times as large and the potential in Russia is twice as large, remarked RIIA.
There are plenty of assumptions in the RIIA report: Assume the U.
Por supuesto, las abrumadoras cifras de su reino no seran borradas tan facilmente del Libro Guinness de Records Mundiales, sobresaliendo una certificada por la RIIA (Asociacion de la Industria Fonografica de Estados Unidos) este ano: 100 millones de discos vendidos en su extenso catalogo RCA que maneja la disquera BMG.
Roy Allison, lead editor of the volume and head of the Russia and Eurasia Programme at the RIIA, provides the two final essays in the collection.
Most active are the RIIA, which has an extensive research program, and the SBE.
The CFR and RIIA insiders, who were the key operatives in launching the EU Project after World War II, are still pulling all the strings they can to turn the Brexit victory to defeat--and they will succeed, unless resolute, informed action is taken by "Brexiteers" all over the world.
This online course significantly increases the accessibility of the RMA, while maintaining the rigor and comprehensiveness of the curriculum we have developed over the last decade," said Francois Gadenne, chairman, co-founder and executive director of RIIA, in a statement.