RIJVRight Internal Jugular Vein
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Attempts were made to contact each RIJV seven times on different days and at different times of the day.
If only one manager from an organization (instead of two managers) responded, the RIJV was still maintained in the sample.
An altemative explanation for the relationship between organizational climate dissimilarity and RIJV performance is that the organizational climates of Russian firms are often considered to be less effective than those of their Western counterparts.
The decision to focus on the importance of organizational climate similarity between parent firms and the JVO derives from three exploratory studies which investigated success strategies for Russian international joint ventures -- RIJVs (Fey and Beamish 1999, 2000).
Results from our pilot study, based on twenty-five respondents in each of two RIJVs, resulted in Cronbach's alphas ranging from 0.
Second, exploratory research, based on two questionnaires (using open ended or exploratory questions) and interviews with managers from 42 Russian international joint ventures (RIJVs), was conducted to identify key success factors for RIJVs (self cite).
Estimates are that about 80 percent of RIJVs are service-sector RIJVs (Popova 1993).
Verghese et al (4) investigated effects of Trendelenburg position, Valsalva manoeuvre and liver compression on RIJV CSA in infants and children.
Our study demonstrates that skin traction could be an effective method to increase the CSA of RIJV in both infants and children.
In conclusion, skin traction provides a clinically significant increase in the CSA of RIJV in both infants and children and is a simple manoeuvre.