RIQIRhode Island Quality Institute
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The RIQI example illustrates a closed-loop feedback system at its simplest, yet it achieves impressive results.
The RIQI previously had selected those two vendors in an "environmental scan" of the industry as the furthest along in being able to produce a CCD and were, in Christensen's words, the best candidates for trying to create this interoperability.
As a result, RIQI is well positioned to move ahead rapidly with development plans.
It's exciting to work with RIQI as they kick off the currentcare deployment and rapidly add new capabilities to the statewide HIE," said Dominick Bizzarro, InterSystems HealthShare Business Manager.
Discussing RIQI's collaborative approach to health IT, Laura Adams, president and CEO of RIQI said "All too often, providers do not have the data they need to take the best care of patients they serve.
RIQI is partnering on this initiative with SureScripts, which was founded by retail associations representing the interests of 55,000 U.
SureScripts has been working to align the interests of patients, pharmacists and physicians, and we are excited to join forces with RIQI to bring electronic prescribing to Rhode Island.