RIRSRhode Island Rose Society
RIRSRegulatory Information Retrieval System (National Association of Insurance Commissioners)
RIRSRetrograde Intrarenal Stone Surgery (treatment of kidney stones)
RIRSRailroad Inspection Reporting System
RIRSRandom Insertion of Redundant Symbols
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Hafiz Shahzad Ashraf further pointed that RIRS is modern surgical procedure to remove Kidney Stones with the help of Laser without incision.
Patients suffering from kidney stones and Benign Prostate disease will be treated by RIRS and HoLEP along with ESWL, PCNL and TURP and they will not have to travel abroad for such procedures, he added.
Conclusion: RIRS should be performed by experienced surgeons in patients with horseshoe kidney.
Although RIRS is a relatively common treatment method for kidney stones recently, there are not many publications about RIRS in horseshoe kidneys.
Initially, Army teams allowed RIRS representatives to accompany them on search missions, but only if they carried their own gear and operated the Packbots themselves.
Table 2 portrays the correlations between the two sets of the three factors derived from participants' responses to the RIRS and RIDI measures.
While ESWL is not recommended as the first-line treatment for lower pole renal stones in the presence of unfavourable factors, RIRS is strongly recommended (2).
RIRS is not economically viable for these patients and ESWL with unpredictable success rate for lower pole stone, cystic stone and the need for ancillary procedure like ureteroscopy is not an ideal option.
With the advancements in flexible ureteroscope, instruments and user experience, RIRS has been increasingly used over the past decade.
One patient had grade one ureteral laceration, and 1 patient in RIRS group had postoperative fever.