RIRSRhode Island Rose Society
RIRSRegulatory Information Retrieval System (National Association of Insurance Commissioners)
RIRSRetrograde Intrarenal Stone Surgery (treatment of kidney stones)
RIRSRailroad Inspection Reporting System
RIRSRandom Insertion of Redundant Symbols
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Jette says his experience in Afghanistan illustrates the acquisition philosophy of the Rapid Equipping Force (REF), the successor organization to RIRS, which had been given a one-year mandate by Keane "to determine if the Army's equipping needs, across a broad spectrum, could be met more quickly.
Resistance/avoidance (R/A), as measured by the RIRS, was independent of both of RIDI's adaptive and psychosocial distress factors (r = -.
The acceptance factor as measured by the RIRS was independent of the adaptive factor generated from the RIDI data (r = .
Second, scores on the RIRS acceptance factor were regressed on RIDI's two adaptive responses scales, namely, acknowledgment and adjustment to examine their respective contributions to successful psychosocial responses (i.
I believe that nothing is wrong with me") portray more "passive" forms of condition-negation, while the two RIRS items appear to reflect more "active" or "conscious" forms of denial; (b) the Denial scale of the RIDI is the least internally stable of the RIDI eight scales (see, for example, Livneh & Antonak, 1990) and, therefore, its correlations with other measures of denial are inherently constricted; and (c) the RIRS denial factor was represented by two items only, a fact that appreciably compromises its generalizability and stability.
Finally, it should be noted that most items on the RIRS are biased toward measuring negative affect (e.
A third limitation stems from the yet unproven psychometric qualities of the RIRS.
13,14] The failed cases were treated by either PNL or RIRS, but they were not included in the study.
When these groups were compared for complication rates, RIRS seemed to be the group with the lowest complication rates (p < 0.
To our knowledge, it is the first study to compare the results of laparoscopy, SWL and RIRS in ureteral stones.
Table 3: Classification of SWL, PNL and RIRS complications according to the modified Clavien grading system [Table omitted]