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RISCReduced Instruction Set Computer
RISCReduced Instruction Set Computing
RISCResearch Institute for Symbolic Computation (Linz, Austria)
RISCRNA Induced Silencing Complex (ribonucleoprotein complex involved in mRNA degradation)
RISCReduced Instruction Set Code
RISCRegional Interagency Steering Committee (FEMA/Federal Response Plan)
RISCRegulatory Information Service Center (OMB)
RISCRisk Information Support Center
RISCResponsible Internet Service Companies
RISCRisk Information Sharing Consortium (National League of Cities)
RISCRadiology Information System Consortium
RISCResearch Group on Instability in Coronary Artery Disease
RISCRegional Intelligence Support Center
RISCReduced Instruction Set Class
RISCRisk Institute for the Support of Communication
RISCRepository for Individuals of Special Concern (US FBI)
RISCRural Industries Service Centre (India)
RISCRunway Incursion Severity Classification (ICAO)
RISCRestraint Information System Collection (Pennsylvania Department of Education)
RISCRaffles Institution Science Club (Raffles Institution; Singapore)
RISCRhode Island Striper Club
RISCRhode Island Supreme Court (judiciary)
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The ARM6 and ARM7 macrocells are advanced 32-bit RISC processor cores that can be used as the basis for application-specific semiconductor products.
Detailed, critical examinations of RISC concepts appear in this month's IEEE SPECTRUM and next month's IEEE COMPUTER.
This new offering of our systems on the RISC System/6000 represents another major facet of our commitment to open systems philosophies, which we will expand as we deliver all of our HNA applications on open systems platforms.
Apple's Developer University course "Programmer's Introduction to RISC and PowerPC" introduces developers to the technical issues associated with RISC and PowerPC microprocessor technology.
Since 1985, the MIPS development team has provided commercial availability of the most advanced RISC processor technology in the industry.
A conventional RTOS for a RISC processor provides an optimized environment for asynchronous, event-driven application tasks typical of control applications.
By creating the Open Design Center, MIPS Technologies underscores its strategic, long-term commitment to make MIPS RISC the most pervasive power architecture for Windows NT systems.
The Development Package is priced from $12,000 to $24,500, depending on the Wang RISC Series model on which it is used.
The ARC(TM) 600 CPU/DSP is a configurable, extendible and easy to use RISC processor core that enables customers to implement a low power, low cost solution while meeting their performance requirements.
Ranging from the industry's most powerful desktop graphics workstations to the industry's first RISC supercomputing systems, Silicon Graphics' new product offerings redefine the computing resources available to technical users.
the CPU IP supplier of high-performance multimedia RISC CPU cores, today announced that its SH-4 RISC CPU core has been used in the verification of a new SoC (System on a Chip) design methodology developed by STARC (Semiconductor Technology Academic Research Center) of Japan.
MIR status, a highly exclusive designation, authorizes Intelligent Electronics to market the IBM RISC System/6000 family of microcomputer products and to enter into agreements with resellers who wish to sell it in combination with specific solutions.