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The core of Petr Danek's book is thus the catalogue of printed music sources preserved in Bohemia, with reference to the RISM and stating of the Czech institutions which maintain the particular prints.
The size of the project overall is huge, and just for comparison, the number of authority records for names starting Aa-Alm is 3,275 in the BL catalogue, compared to only 510 in RISM A/I, with only 160 names in common between these two datasets altogether.
Keywords: Music information retrieval, RISM, ground truth, Filtering
RISM will help us with a web form for filling in the correct information.
He has sought to identify the rather sketchy titles given in the original list with publications known today, supplying dates and RISM numbers wherever he can.
Series B: Thirty-one volumes in this series have been published so far, most recently RISM B/XIII,1: Hymnologica Slavica.
Since 2014, Marie Cornaz is member of the Coordinating Committee RISM Advisory Council.
The triumphs and shortcomings of RISM A/I are well-documented and well-known.
The members of the Section have taken part in international bibliographical projects as RISM, RILM and RIPM, and they actively participated in numerous annual IAML Conferences.
A search of "Sara Levy" in the over expanding RISM A/II catalog of music manuscripts from 1600-1800 (http://opac.
There are two RISM working groups actively operating in Slovakia.
From a list of sources the researcher may also choose to click on the name of an archive or library; these records provide contact information for the libraries in DIAMM, their RISM sigla, and a list of all manuscripts indexed.