RISTAReconnaissance, Intelligence, Surveillance, and Target Acquisition
RISTAReconnaissance, Infrared Surveillance and Target Acquisition
RISTARhode Island Science Teachers Association
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Providing overhead concealment or protection from RISTA using aircraft, UASs, and space-based sensors.
Providing protection from all types of adversarial RISTA and target acquisition systems at river and choke points.
Protecting high-value targets (aerial ports of debarkation, sea ports of debarkation, ammunition and resupply points) from all types of adversarial RISTA and engagement systems.
Maximize visual, IR, MMW, and advanced (broadband) obscurant that is value-added against weapon and RISTA systems.
It also denies the adversary situational/informational awareness and/or dominance by RISTA elements.
Informational dominance is the ability to deny information that supports the adversary's efforts to either collect RISTA or provide command and control operations.
Employing obscurants directly on, or in front of, the adversary to deny RISTA and/or target engagement.
Providing overhead protection from UAVs, aircraft, and space-based sensors from RISTA through "canopy obscurants.
Providing protection for river and choke points from all types of adversary RISTA and target-acquisition systems.
Protecting high-value targets from all types of adversary RISTA and engagement systems (aerial ports of debarkation, seaports of debarkation, ammunitions, and resupply points).
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