RITDResonant Interband Tunneling Diode
RITDRumble in the Desert
RITDReuters InterTrade Direct
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Berger discovered that RITD dopants could be added during chemical vapor deposition, in which a gas carries the chemical elements to the surface of a wafer many layers at a time.
RITDs have been difficult to manufacture because they contain dopants - chemical elements - that don't easily fit within a silicon crystal.
In addition, SASI supports RITD, Bloomberg, GL Trade, SWIFT and other message formats, and enables its clients to view real-time account information via its own proprietary two-way communications system, SASINTEL.
Industry standards that are supported include, FIX, FpML, OMGEO, GSTPA, RITD and SWIFT.
The e*Gate platform also integrates the solution suite with front office as well as third party applications such as custodians, clearing houses and security markets via SWIFT, MMTP and FIX messages (using networks such as RITD or SWIFTNet).
Financial Fusion significantly enhanced its product line in 2001 adding support for EMX, RITD, GSTP, and FIX 4.
Similarly, messages issued from BPEF's internal applications are transformed into SWIFT and FIX messages through the SeeBeyond platform before being sent back to clients via the SWIFT and RITD networks.