RITPRawat Inap Tingkat Pertama (Indonesian: First Hospitalization)
RITPRecycling IsoTachoPhoresis
RITPRegistered Information Transport Professional (Tampa, FL)
RITPRetail Incubator Training Programme (Singapore)
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To further prove the living nature of RITP process, the relationship between the molecular weighl and monomer conversion, as well as the kinetic behavior of the process were plotted according lo the values from Table I.
The closely linear increase in molecular weight with monomer conversion indicated that the process of surface-initiated RITP of MMA is controlled.
To verify the RITP mechanism reported previously (18), (1) H-NMR spectra of PMMA and PNIAPM formed in solution was performed.
According to the RITP mechanism, the peak of 13d ascribes to the iodine of C-I bond that exists, at the end of the polymer chains.