RIUJRawalpindi/Islamabad Union of Journalists (Pakistan)
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General Secretary RIUJ Bilal Dar thanked DG SSII Dr Shireen Mazari for the auspicious contribution and expressed that the journalist community upholds its responsibility for free and transparent media.
The RIUJ said: "We have also noted that a significant amount of money is being used for undue promotions of cronies and favorites, and the retrenchment appears to be aimed at making room for the kith and kin of the managers rather than saving costs.
General Secretary RIUJ Bilal Dar said that media is interface between policy and community.
Pervez Shaukat, President Pakistan Federal Union of Journalist, Tahid Rathore, President RIUJ, Afzal Butt, President of National Press Club, Ahmad Latif, President Punjab Journalist Association and office bearers of Rawalpindi crime and court reporter association denounced the dastardly act of manhandling of family members of Wahid Sheikh and demanded of the federal and provincial government to arrest the culprits as soon as possible besides bringing them to justice.
The conference was attended by President RIUJ, Waqar Saiti, general secretary Bilal Dhar, President RIPJA, Saddar Hameed, Employees union of APP, Aftab Zahoor from CBA, President RIUJ (Dastoor), Khawar Nawaz.
PFUJ President Pervez Shaukat, RIUJ President Tahir Rathore and NPC President Afzal But, announced in a news conference that the 24-hour protest will be a first step as the community wants to know real culprits behind the brutal murder of Salim Shehzad, an Islamabad based journalists who was kidnapped on June 2nd and a day after his dead body was found from Head Rasool Canal.
Dr Zahid Awan, chairman RIUJ Welfare committee and Muhammad Yunus, administrator Reality Medical Centre Gawalmandi signed the accord.
The rally was also addressed by RIUJ General Secretary Bilal Thaheem, Qurban Satti, Bilal Dar, Sahar Aslam and Fouzia Khan.
Ashfaq Sajid President Rawalpindi Islamabad Union of Journalists (RIUJ) said that the journalist unions protest the killing of 43 journalists in previous eight years and safety kits must be provided to the journalists for coverage in the war and conflict zone Bilal Thaheem, General Secretary RIUJ said that ATV has sacked 41 employees which is sheer injustice with the hard core workers of media and demanded of the government to ensure the job security for the journalists.
Earlier the RIUJ President Tahir Rathore,its Secretary General Bilal Thahim and President of local chapter of All Pakistan Newspaper Employees Confederation, Qurban Satti, and other leaders addressed the protest rally.
The RIUJ urged the journalists, media workers and civil society members to participate in the protest.
The delegation was accompanied by Asim Rana, General Secretary, Tahir Rathore, President and Bilal Tafheem, General Secretary of RIUJ.