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RIVRegistrar of Imported Vehicles (Transport Canada; also seen as RVI)
RIVRiviera Holdings Corporation (stock symbol)
RIVRapid Intervention Vehicle(s)
RIVRallye International du Valais (French: International Rally of Valais; Switzerland)
RIVRadio Interference Voltage
RIVRich Interactive Video
RIVRecreation Integration Victoria (Canada)
RIVRijks Instituut voor de Volksgezondheid (Dutch: National Institute for Health; now Rijksinstituut voor Volksgezondheid en Milieu)
RIVRadio Science IF-to-VF Downconverter
RIVRégie Immobiliére de Vienne (French: Real Estate Board of Vienna; Austria)
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The main idea in creating RIV was developed from a previous project where maps of the microclimate and the soils in the region had been gathered (the "terroir-project," Pythoud and Caloz 2001).
In my review, I had argued that random splitting of the data cannot produce a negative RIV.
From Table 1 can be seen that the minimum of sum of squared control error and minimum of sum of squared difference of controller output signal were achieved by RIV method with adaptive directional forgetting for parameter estimate of ARX model.
Once extricated later in the day, the not quite so shiny Unimog RIV impressed as it was put through its paces before being taken on a tour of UK regional airports.
Using the eBay Best Offer system and the RIV technology together, the eBay Best Offer process is automated.
Riviera is traded on the American Stock Exchange under the symbol RIV.
Under the terms of the agreement, RIV will consult Carfax vehicle history information as a routine part of the registration process when vehicles are imported from the United States.
Contract award: 2014/97 K452 Spjelkavik upper secondary college, RIV.
Announcement of competition: Architectural services and consulting engineers, including the following areas: RIB, RIE, RIBR and RIV.
Very truly yours, FLAG LUXURY RIV, LLC By: /s/ Paul Kanavos Name: Paul Kanavos Title: President