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RIVETNickname for HQ USAF Programs Usually for Special Aircraft Missions
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One theory about the sinking claims that the impact with the iceberg caused the heads of the rivets to break off and sections of Titanic to break up.
2) The original plan called for the Tactical Air Warfare Center to test the Rivet Top aircraft for ninety days in the U.
The Derbys' six-inch long rivet was made at Cammell Laird shipyard, Birkenhead, for another Isle of Man Steam Packet ferry, Ben-My-Chree, but is identical to those used on Manxman.
After operating in stealth mode for two years, the 18-employee Rivet launched its first product, Dragon Tag, in November.
Rivet fasteners are designed with an IR-transparent upper and IR-absorbing lower section to allow the welder to rivet parts together and also make it possible to detach and separate them later (Fig.
Together with our recent contract wins in the emerging Homeland Security and Defense market, our selection to provide switch matrices for the Rivet Joint aircraft reinforces our position at a higher point in the ISR value chain, and demonstrates our customers' confidence in Signal Technology's engineering and manufacturing capabilities.
That means, Rivet insists, he has a right to know what the people in charge are doing on his behalf.
The Polytop rivet was developed specifically for joining pre-finished painted and plastic-coated sheet metals.
Two types of rivet nuts are available in unified threads sizes #6-32 through 3/8-16 and metric sizes M4 through M10.
Three weeks of riveting school later, she and Myrtle, who had just moved to California from Minnesota, were up on the shell of a B-17 bomber, drilling rivets and whistling at 4F guys walking by.
As the rivet is hit or squeezed it swells in the hole--in essence becoming a part of the pieces that are being joined together.