RIVMRijksinstituut voor Volksgezondheid en Milieu (Dutch: National Institute for Health and Environment)
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There is a phrase in the Bible which says intervening is against the will of god," Roel Coutinho, director of the RIVM Centre for Infectious Disease Control, (http://news.
Eight enteroviruses that were not typable by RIVM pool appeared from March to December.
We interviewed staff at MHSs and the RIVM to assess the amount of personnel time related to outbreak response activities (online Technical Appendix).
The cobas HPV Test was selected by the RIVM because it is supported by all the necessary evidence and data , said Roland Diggelmann, Chief Operating Officer of Roche Diagnostics.
The study was funded by the RIVM Strategic Research Program and The Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment.
By December of 2012, the RIVM had identified 1200 culture-confirmed victims, including four fatalities.
Gijs Elzinga, Deputy Director-General, Netherlands' National Institute of Public Health and the Environment RIVM and Chairman of the Board of Directors of the TB Alliance.
As A result of the Implementation Compact Civil Service is the end of 2012, RIVM designated as a redemption operations center (IUC) of the national government.
To help prevent the onset of disease, the RIVM (National Institute for Public Health and the Environment in The Netherlands) suggests routine Pap testing and HPV HR triage for ASCUS/LSIL testing for women over the age of 30 to identify women most likely to develop cervical cancer.
Database Chemicals Japan METI-NITE Biodegradation 800 "existing"; and Bioconcentration ~ 3,100 "new" ECOTOX ~ 700 NLM Hazardous Substances Hundreds Environment Canada BCF and BAF 842 RIVM ~ 700 SRC Fish BCF & Environmental Fate 694 CONCAWE (Hydrocarbons) BCF 84 U.