RIdIMRépertoire International d'Iconographie Musicale (French: International Repertory of Musical Iconography)
RIDIMRadioactive Incident Distance Monitoring
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Currently the RIdIM Database contains 2,647 published records and more than 3,000 records in editing status.
Since January 2015, RIdIM has had a completely new Website design offering multi-fold information and service such as direct access to all existing National RIdIM Centres and Working Groups, as well as useful information for those interested in setting up such a venture,.
In this respect I would like to expresses my personal gratitude and that of the Council of Association RIdIM to Dorothea Baumann, the Chair of the Database Working Group, and the members of this group, i.
From 4 to 7 June 2013 the 14th RIdIM International Conference Visual Intersections: Negotiating East and West was held at the Pera Museum in Istanbul, dedicated to the memory of Walter Salmen (1926-2013), life-time honorary member of RIdIM and a leading scholar of musicology and music iconography, who passed away on 2 February 2013.
On 6 June 2013 the Council and the General Assembly of Association RIdIM met and processed all necessary business.
At the last meeting of the General Assembly of IAML in Montreal, Paul Banks was elected IAML liaison officer to the Council of Association RIdIM.
national RIdIM center, also served as the project's international center during its early years.
It became necessary to incorporate RIdIM in order not least to enable us to receive a substantial grant from the Stavros Niarchos Foundation.
I would like to express my gratitude to INHA for having given a warm home to RIdIM for over four years and to Florence Getreau and Jean-Michel Nectoux for having successfully negotiated this option for RIdIM.
Due to the expiration of the agreement between RIdIM and the Institut d'histoire de l'art (INHA) in Paris regarding the hosting of the International RIdIM Centre as well as the changed policy and financial restrictions at INHA, the Commission Mixte had to consider new location options for its international centre.
To date several institutions and organization have been approached concerning the hosting of the International RIdIM Center, and RIdIM has received some interesting and strong offers.
RIdIM organized a session during the IMAL conference in Warsaw in 2005, primarily focusing on cataloguing issues, and during the IAML conferences in Goteborg in 2006 that was joint by IMS and IAMIC, and in Sydney in 2007 where sessions focused on research projects in music iconography.