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RJ-11Registered Jack Function 11 (2-wire dial tone on 4 pin telephone jack at the customer site; also seen as RJ11)
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The RJ-11 voice interface ports enable one FXS voice interface to connect an analog phone for low-cost calling via VoIP.
LG Electronics manufactures fixed wireless terminals that incorporate an RJ-11 interface.
The PC CommLink, which is available now for about $10 in retail stores, is said to provide a solution to RJ-11 cable requirements for fax/modern needs.
0 ports, (1) RJ45, (1) RJ-11, (1) Headphone/Line Out, (1) Microphone/ Line In
The GL Analog Test Set (ATS) supports two analog ports with RJ-11 interfaces and may be connected to any U.
And, with the two built-in RJ-11 ports, it can be used as an analog telephone adapter, allowing callers with standard analog phones to enjoy the advantages of VoIP while still receiving regular PSTN calls.
Add the linear dimming control via its RJ-11 jack and you have a product with tremendous appeal for both new and retrofit applications -- this product is truly amazing.