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RJ-11Registered Jack Function 11 (2-wire dial tone on 4 pin telephone jack at the customer site; also seen as RJ11)
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hook transmitter and output device to slave modular jacks and run extensions (four-lead phone cord with RJ-11 plugs at both ends) to the phone line; or 2.
But the other end splits into eight "arms" of the octopus, each one of which terminates using an RJ-11 type connector.
Items Pen Drive (16GB), RJ-45 Connector(pack of 100 piece), Black Tape, Wired USB Optical Mouse, Needle Nose PlierLineman Plier, RJ-45 Connector, RJ-11 Connector, Cable Tag Tie, RJ-45 & RJ-11 LAN Cable Tester
The stand-alone V92HU-E modem is enclosed with USB interface and RJ-11 phone jack.
The new offering integrates a VoIP analog telephone adapter (ATA) and a wireless gateway in a single device, packaged with an AC adapter and RJ-11, RJ-45 and USB cables.
In addition, the device offers voice-testing resources, such as detection of RJ-11 (1, 2 or 3 pair), and the ability to automatically sense and adjust the pairing and pin numbers to the 3-pair USOC standard in cable test, length and tone-generator modes.
If you do wind up in a one-horse town where they bed the horse right in the hotel, or are traveling abroad, take a phone cord with an RJ-11 connector on one end and four colored wires with under-screw connectors on the other.
The PC CommLink, which is available now for about $10 in retail stores, is said to provide a solution to RJ-11 cable requirements for fax/modern needs.
The Model 209F can be ordered with either of two terminations for these wires; screw terminals or an RJ-11 connector.