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La figura 6 evidencia la actividad de los tuits publicados por la RJAC, a traves de un analisis realizado con la herramienta en mencion.
A joint workgroup of FCTC and RJAC members was tasked to 1) remove technical standards from the RJA and 2) remove procedural rules from the FCTC's technical standards.
This blended subcommittee of all other committee liaisons, joined with RJAC members, reviews the possible impact of one committee's proposed amendments on all other rule sections to ensure there is not redundancy or conflict.
14) This additional authority has created a partnering role of FCTC with the RJAC, through which many initiatives toward an enhanced e-court system have been fostered.
Through a joint undertaking of the RJAC and the FCTC, an initiative has begun to make the necessary separations between rules of court and technology standards.
FCTC member and former RJAC Chair Murray Silverstein agreed with Stephens about the importance of the standards.
This year, the RJAC met as a full committee in January, June, and September 2013, although most of the committee's work is conducted between meetings by its subcommittees whose members have devoted countless hours in telephonic meetings considering and drafting proposed rule amendments.
We've been fortunate to have several RJAC members who serve on the Florida Courts' Technology Commission, and who have assisted the RJAC in working closely with that committee on a number of rule amendments relating to electronic service, filing, and signatures.
The document size issue is also part of an ongoing project between the FCTC and the RJAC to sort through procedural rules and technical standards and remove any standards that are in rules, as it is easier to amend the standards, and also remove any rule matters that are in the standards and make them part of the rules.
The RJAC rejected a motion to develop a committee response to the new Family Law Rules and instead voted to instruct Chair Amy Borland to prepare a comment, based on a subcommittee's review of the new rules and how they deviate from past practices, for when the rules are submitted to the Supreme Court.
f40(a)(4) keeps a provision allowing the chair of each of the other procedural rules committees to appoint a member to the RJAC and adds a requirement that RJAC members must have experience on rules committees or in court administration.