RJCRepublican Jewish Coalition
RJCRaffles Junior College (Singapore)
RJCRegional Justice Center
RJCRencontres Jeunes Chercheurs (French: Young Researchers Meetings; conferences)
RJCRosthern Junior College (Canada)
RJCRestorative Justice Centre (South Africa)
RJCRutland Jewish Center
RJCRapports de Jury de Concours (French: Reports of Selection Boards; education)
RJCReaction Jet Control (aeronautics)
RJCRassemblement de la Jeunesse Camerounaise (French: Cameroon Youth Gathering)
RJCRed Jacket Central (school; Shortsville, NY)
RJCRick Johnson and Company, Inc. (Albuquerque, NM)
RJCRegistre Journalier du Chantier (French: Daily Register of Construction)
RJCRassemblement des Joueurs de Caféjeux (French gaming forum)
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In his welcoming remarks, Ken Lo, Chairman of the Hong Kong Jewellery & Jade Manufacturers Association noted that the Hong Kong body established links with the RJC in 2013, and became a member in 2015.
The latest Swift is the third consecutive winner of the award, having also won RJC Car of The Year in 2005 and 2010.
But in the 1990s, several Jewish musicians began to seek out a means of expression that would highlight their Jewish background without relegating their music to the merely traditional (which is how many of the protagonists dismiss the neo-klezmer movement that both predated and ran concurrently with the RJC moment).
At the RJC, we will be making the case that Jewish values are American values and American values are the Republican values of free markets, peace through strength and unwavering support of Israel.
Perry, who is still considering a 2016 campaign and plans to make an announcement in late May or early June, is no stranger to the RJC, having visited Israel on trips organized by the group.
GE Capital's Franchise Finance business announced on Thursday that it has financed RJC LLC, a restaurant operator, with an USD11m term loan and USD2m development line of credit to support its recent acquisition of 26 Denny's restaurants.
The deep insight and freshness of the car were highly valued," says RJC.
He also criticized the Obama administration's approach to foreign policy, which the RJC crowd distrusts deeply.
Plans to set up the world-wide organisation RJC actually began in 2005, a year before the film was even released.
The Mazda6, a mid-size car, has won over 130 global motoring prizes, including Japan's prestigious 2003 RJC Car of the Year award in November 2002.
The ball, which takes place on July 17 at Sutton Coldfield Town Hall, is organised by local businessmen Rob Corbett of RJC Windows and Steve Barton of Lawncare, and has raised thousands of pounds for local charities in the past.
RJC Jumping disbelief There was good jump racing on all week, but come Saturday when most punters are let loose, not a hurdle or fence in sight.