RJRR.J. Reynolds
RJRRadio Jeunes Reims (French radio station)
RJRRassemblement des Jeunes Républicains (French: Rally of Young Republicans; Côte d'Ivoire)
RJRThorny Skate (FAO fish species code)
RJRRobinson Jarvis and Rolf (law firm; UK)
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No decisions made in that meeting had been, or were later, authorized by either the pre-spinoff RJR Nabisco Holdings plan or the RJR 401(k), which replaced it.
RJR Technology is a software development firm that specializes in designing and creating state-of-the-art technology systems for some of the country's largest home remodelers.
RJR, which fabricates sensor packaging using Vectra LCP from Ticona (the engineering-polymers business of Celanese), finds that the performance and reliability of LCP air-cavity packages equal or exceed that of ceramic packaging.
BLACK WOOL SHEEP: Class 54: Ram Lamb 1st Miss C Watson 2nd Miss C Watson 3rd Miss C Watson 4th Mr A Cooper Class 55 : Ewe 1st RJR Oliver 2nd RJR Oliver 3rd Miss B Smith 4th RJR Oliver Class 56 : Gimmer 1st Miss J Walton 2nd Miss C Watson 3rd RJR Oliver 4th RJR Oliver Class 57 : Ewe Lamb 1st Miss J Walton 2nd RJR Oliver 3rd Miss C Watson 4th Miss C Watson.
In addition, the total number of young people exposed to RJR tobacco advertising would have had to remain at least 30% below the adult exposure level.
79 billion yen due mainly to depreciation costs related to the acquisition of RJR Nabisco Holdings Corp.
Icahn had favored a different method of breaking up RJR Nabisco, saying it should spin off its food interests and keep its U.
With the sale of Reynolds International, RJR will establish itself in a number of other industries, including pharmaceuticals and foods.
RJR - whose brands include Camels and Winstons cigarettes and Ritz crackers - will sell their international tobacco division to Japan's biggest tobacco company for pounds 4.
On July 9, 1998, the Tax Court decided RJR Nabisco.
Launched in 1993 with the support of RJR, Ramhurst - which coordinates many of its activities closely with RJR - combines "grassroots" lobbying with inside-the-Beltway influence-peddling.
After four years of singular focus on debt reduction, RJR Nabisco is in a new game, the growth game.