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RLLRun Length Limited
RLLRight Lower Lobe (lungs)
RLLRanbaxy Laboratories Limited (Gurgaon, Haryana, India)
RLLRelay Ladder Logic
RLLRadio in the Local Loop
RLLRadio Liban Libre (French: Radio Free Lebanon)
RLLRecent Literature on Lichens (database)
RLLRapid and Large Leakage (rate)
RLLRespiration Line Length (polygraph testing)
RLLRelative Lesion Length
RLLRight Lateral Limit
RLLResource Lending Library (various locations)
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Devido a existencia de variaveis quantitativas (doses de residuos) avaliadas em periodos diferentes, o efeito de cada dose do RLL ao longo dos ciclos foi avaliado isoladamente.
Dans cet article, nous avons choisi de presenter l'analyse microscopique d'une seule dimension, la section 4 presentant les resultats de la dimension sociale du RLL, accompagnes de nos interpretations.
According to the FPLC, the purified lectin RLL had a molecular weight of 32 kDa and was composed of two subunits, each with a molecular weight of 16 kDa.
Table 6 Numbers of Established and Entrant Firms Introducing Models Equipped with Thin-Film Heads and RLL Recording Codes, 1976-1988 Year Thin Film Heads RLL Codes No.
The level of wages in the projections at some 44% of sales is too high for an operation of the size of RLL and 30% to 35% would be more usual.
Precision CLASES Usuario RLL SP VS VH RLL 79 19 0 0 5 SP 85 0 22 2 1 VS 26 2 21 23 12 VH 76 3 2 3 42 APT 20 2 1 9 14 P 72 11 3 21 30 AIA 46 0 0 1 0 Total 37 49 59 104 Referencia % Precision 51 45 39 40 Productor Total Aciertos 303 Precision 59% Clasificacion Total CLASES APT P AIA Clasificacion RLL 0 0 0 24 SP 0 1 0 26 VS 3 27 0 88 VH 0 5 0 55 APT 11 19 0 56 P 5 180 0 250 AIA 1 5 6 13 Total 20 237 6 512 Referencia % Precision 55 76 100 Productor Total Aciertos Precision Clasificacion
Pinto GR, Yoshioka FKN, Silva RLL, Clara CA, Santos MJ, Almeida JRW, Burbano RR, Rey JA, Casartelli C (2008) Prognostic value of TP53 Pro47Ser and Arg72Pro single nucleotide polymorphisms and the susceptibility to gliomas in individuais from Southeast Brazil.
Salve was quick to announce formation of RLL with an RNRL lawyer heading it.
is a wholly owned subsidiary of RLL and was created to help achieve its parent company's vision of becoming a research-based international pharmaceutical company.
Ordonez, 31, owner of RLL Services, made fraudulent claims of the amount of Child and Dependent Care Credits his clients were eligible for, allowing his clients to get larger tax returns, officials said.
He has designed RF and microwave circuits at the Netherlands Foundation for Research in Astronomy (NFRA) -- Dwingeloo, Ericsson -- Emmen (Paging) and Enschede (DECT), Lucent Technologies -- Utrecht RLL and WLAN), and delivered European support on RF/uW simulation software tools, Hewlett Packard -- Amstelveen, all in The Netherlands.