RLOCRemote Logistics Operations Center
RLOCRas Laffan Olefins Company (Qatar)
RLOCRevolving Line Of Credit
RLOCRunway Loss of Control (aviation)
RLOCRecovery Locus of Control (psychological scale)
RLOCRichland Light Opera Company (Richland, WA)
RLOCRemote Logistics Operations Center (wireless telecommunications applications)
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The main focus is on the skills that students need to gain in order to address the RLOC rather than the subject itself, and then on applying the appropriate methods to support using innovative mobile technology, in an attempt to advance mobile learning in formal and informal settings.
Q-Chem II) on behalf of its partners, RLOC manufactures ethylene, a feedstock used at Q-Chem II and Qatofin complexes in Mesaieed.
The RLOC established an alternative re-supply route for Operation Enduring Freedom, eliminated the need to consume strategic airlift for mission-essential items, and served as an excellent example of what a forward-deployed logistics organization with unique theater expertise can accomplish.
It appears that the internal subscale of SLCS is superior to WLCS, RLOC and the internal subscale of LMLC for many criteria.
The 35 percent RLOC accident rate is about in the middle for tailwheel airplanes.
Gasal, a joint venture involving Qatar Intermediate Industries Company (Alwaseeta), Qatar Industrial Manufacturing Company (QIMC), and the French industrial gas company Air Liquide, has been supplying RLOC with nitrogen since 2009 using a dedicated unit situated at the RLOC premises.
At their root, RLOC accidents/incidents mean we've somehow failed to use the tools available to their fullest extent, and those tools--along with power and braking--are the flight controls.
The RLOC plant in Ras Laffan cracks ethane gas into ethylene, which is the main raw material used by QChem II and Qatofin.
In tailwheel airplanes the rate of RLOC accidents can approach 50 percent--and they tend to be the airplanes that don't have shoulder harnesses for all of the seats.
By comparison, the RLOC rate for the Cessna 185 in our last review was 52, for the Super Cub, 40.
To suggest that a flight review or training syllabus not include basic stick and rudder skills and their mastery because the aircraft is filled with computer screens will not reduce those RLOC accidents.
Only eight RLOC accidents is strong evidence of good ground-handling characteristics of any airplane--for nosewheel airplanes the average is closer to 20.