RLPAReligious Liberty Protection Act
RLPARugby League Players Association (Australia)
RLPARugby League Professionals Association
RLPARural Lands Protection Act (Australia)
RLPAReplacement Level Players Association
RLPARotating Log Periodic Antenna
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Congressional support for RLPA fell apart, and Representative Nadler introduced an amendment that would have foreclosed the use of RLPA to avoid antidiscrimination law.
The Communist Party's newspaper, The Daily Clarion, and the two RLPA candidates continued to attack Ellison, but it is debatable whether this affected the outcome.
The average income for AFLPA members was $250,000, for Professional Footballers Australia $130,000, the RLPA $180,000 and RUPA $199,000.
Geoff Burrow, RLPA secretary and GMB sports officer, said: "The RLPA will work with the club, its staff and the RFL in order to try and ensure that Bradford Bulls continue as a club.
Goetzke and Gullo pointed out that RLPA creates "special privileges" for religious institutions by exempting them from local zoning and land use regulations.
RLPA passed in the House of Representatives on July 15, 1999 with more than 300 votes.
69) RLPA further bars government agencies from crafting land use regulations that a) treat religious institutions on terms less favorably than nonreligious institutions;(70) b) discriminate on the basis of religion or religious denomination;(71) or c) unreasonably exclude or limit institutions principally devoted to religious exercise.
Some participants in the coalition that drafted RLPA, including Americans United, believe the new legislation will meet the same fate if it becomes law.
She added that, as drafted RLPA is unconstitutional and a tool of religious institutions to circumvent valid, neutrally applicable land use laws, such as setback and parking requirements which apply equally to all uses of land in a community.
While not exactly a Robin Hood story, the result is that many needy men, women and children will benefit from the operation and generosity of officials at the RLPA.
RLPA is Congress' attempt to reinstate the religious liberty safeguards jeopardized by a 1990 Supreme Court decision.
We have been able to do this by working alongside the RLPA and also Crusaders CEO, Rod Findlay, and we would like to thank them for their help in this matter.