RLWTFRadioactive Liquid Waste Treatment Facility
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NNSA and Los Alamos have been planning a replacement project for the RLWTF since 2004, and made multiple changes in the design of the facility; Plans called for constructing two facilities in 2005, one facility in 2006, and then returned to the two facilities approach in 2011, the report says.
While NNSA has recently taken action to address RLWTF replacement project issues, we observed that the NNSA and Los Alamos had not effectively managed the project over most of its lifecycle.
The report concludes that while NNSA and Los Alamos have made improvements in managing the project, "we suggest that the Associate Administrator for Acquisition and Project Management and the Manager, Los Alamos Field Office: (1) ensure continuous monitoring of the RLWTF design and construction activities including Los Alamos' use of value engineering principles and the technical performance of the project; and (2) optimize opportunities to mitigate risks and reduce costs throughout the project to completion.