RMAERocky Mountain Academy of Evergreen (public charter school; Evergreen, CO)
RMAERapid Maxillary Alveolar Expansion (orthodontics)
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Mike Young from Marsol said that one of the driving reasons for the partnership with RMAES was a lack of capital.
The large MedAPE of 84% and relative low RMAE of 30% suggest significant errors for data points with low willow aboveground biomass, indicating that the assumption of little change in bulk density of aboveground biomass with changing plant height is invalid in this case.
2] and RMAE values similar to those from the CH method, it reduced the MedAPE from 53% to 35% for deciduous shrubs.
89, with corresponding reduction in RMAE (from 40% to 24%) and MedAPE (from 51% to 24%; Table 4).
2], RMAE, and MedAPE for estimating foliage biomass were the same as those for estimating LAI, but with different coefficients of the equations for calculating foliage biomass (Table 5).
Pareto Optimal Designs Verification Results RMSE MAE RRMSE RMAE MAS Aluminum Heating Coil ADP 0.