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RMAFRoyal Malaysian Air Force
RMAFRamon Magsaysay Award Foundation (Philippines)
RMAFRoyal Moroccan Air Force
RMAFRocky Mountain Audio Fest (annual expo; Denver, CO)
RMAFResult-based Management Accountability Framework
RMAFRubber Manufacturers' Association of Finland
RMAFRocky Mountain Aquarium Foundation
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The performance-a tribute to the RMAF awardees, Southeast Asia's Nobel Prize-impressed the guests.
The T-6C is replacing the turboprop Beechcraft T-34 Mentor and Cessna T-37 Tweet jet trainer in RMAF service.
However, the RMAF official noted that the existing C-130s are proven tankers and are more than adequate for the service's domestic needs.
The RMAF has 20 Caribous, but only a dozen are still in use.
The Indian crews were warmly received by the Royal Malaysian Air Force (RMAF) Base Subang, and the Base Commander personally received and briefed the Indian crews at the RMAF Base Subang.
The team, which comprised of Malaysian ambassador to China Datuk Iskandar Sarudin, RMAF air operations commander Lt-General Datuk Seri Ackbal Abdul Samad, and Department of Civil Aviation air traffic services director Ahmand Nizar Zolfakar, had taken turns to answer questions submitted by the families a day before, according to reports.
Successful experience on F-16 aircraft in both Greece and Poland assures that the RMAF can expect to receive a high-performance, low-risk proven solution.
But the RMAF did decide to upgrade its aircraft to the "real" MiG-29SD standard and a contract to this effect was signed in October 1997.
To ensure the integrity of the data-gathering process and to avoid any lobbying, all RMAF investigations are done undercover.
The spares and support requirements of the RMAF fleet of 18 Sukhoi Su-30MKM aircraft were met by a RM 100 million contract awarded to Irkut.
The RMAF may also buy another 18 fighter aircraft (either the F/A-18F or additional Su-30s) and up to 4 Airborne Early Warning (AEW) aircraft (either the B-737 Wedgetail, the E-2C Hawkeye or the Swedish Ericsson Erieye).
It was Lilia de Lima and not Leila, of course-two completely different persons, the former lauded by the RMAF for her impressive track record in championing the establishment of export processing zones all over the country as catalysts of economic progress.