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RMDRequired Minimum Distribution (from a qualified plan)
RMDRichmond (Indiana)
RMDRonald McDonald
RMDRadiation Monitoring Devices, Inc. (Watertown, MA)
RMDRecords Management Division
RMDResource Management Division
RMDRelease on Minimum Documentation
RMDRhythmic Movement Disorder
RMDRippling Muscle Disease
RMDRegulated Metal Deposition (Welding)
RMDResource Management Decision (US DoD)
RMDRequired Markup Declaration (XML)
RMDRaw Materials Division (mining industry)
RMDRegional Managing Director
RMDRamagundam, India (Airport Code)
RMDRéseau Musique et Danse (French: Music and Dance Network)
RMDRockman Dash (video game, released as Megaman Legends in US)
RMDRecording Management Data (optical disc recording)
RMDResource Management Directive
RMDRaw Materials Data (mining industry)
RMDRapid Model Development
RMDReady Money Down
RMDReadiness Management Division
RMDRelay, Manual, Delayed
RMDRémoise de Menuiseries et Dérivés (French)
RMDRacing Model Distribution (France)
RMDRetail Management and Design
RMDRecords Management Department (various organizations)

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Watershed Distillery Turns to food experts, RMD Advertising, to Support Continued Growth COLUMBUS, Ohio, April 10, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- RMD Advertising - a fully integrated advertising, public relations and brand strategy agency, focusing exclusively on growing emerging food brands - announces the addition of another emerging food brand to its roster of clients, Watershed Distillery.
RELATED ARTICLES: RMD Formwork at Makkah mosque expansion l RMD Kwikform's versatility on show l RMD Kwikform eyes gap in Saudi market, says GM Formwork and shoring specialist RMD Kwikform has confirmed it has opened a permanent office in Iraq to meet customer needs in the country.
JRD International, a Dubai-based conglomerate, has invested AED 300 million ($80 million) in RMD Board - a composite polypropylene board manufacturing plant The RMD Board manufacturing plant - a division of JRD International - has already started production.

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