RMIARisk Management Institution of Australasia (Australia)
RMIAReproductive Medicine & Infertility Associates (Minnesota)
RMIARocket Metering Input Assembly
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I have argued that the RMIA should be redesigned along these lines (Pfaff 2017b): Instead of funneling the grant money to locally run, evidence-based interventions, the money should be aimed at helping prison communities attract new businesses and employment.
Perhaps less obviously, the current RMIA suffers from similar problems.
Similarly, a RMIA that targets its funds at correctional officer unions might not change the political reality on the ground all that much, but the media attention such an unusual and provocative proposal would receive would highlight these unions' power--power that, so far, is almost completely unacknowledged.
Before the onset of the study 8 probes were conducted with each participant, to determine the mean duration of performance of the RMIA sequence (six large and small motor actions, presented by the instructor, that each participant had to imitate within 2 sec.
If the Participant responded correctly to both the RMIA and the echoic tact, the instructor delivered generalized social reinforcement for 3 sec.
During this condition, social interaction was delivered on a fixed time (FT) 15 seconds interval schedule for Participant A and on a fixed time (FT) 18 seconds interval schedule for Participant B, when incorrect RMIA and/or echoic responses occurred (Car, et al.
Figure 1 shows the number of correct RMIA responses and correct echoic tacts ("cup") that Participant A emitted across the two different reinforcement contingencies conditions in the first reversal experimental design.
During the first contingent delivery condition, data on the number of correct RMIA responses emitted were overall stable with a zero trend and a mean of 19.
In the first experimental condition (contingent delivery), correct RMIA responses data were variable, with a zero trend and a mean of 19.
During the first contingent delivery condition, data on correct RMIA responses had an overall ascending trend and a mean of 19.
2) Would these different social reinforcement contingencies affect RMIA responses?
Across all three reversal experimental designs, there was no effect of the FT delivery without extinction condition or the contingent reinforcement delivery condition on the correct performance of the RMIA.