RMLCRegulatory Myosin Light Chain
RMLCRocky Mountain Laser College (Lakewood, CO)
RMLCRequest for Mineral Land Clearance (energy exploration)
RMLCRobertson Mailing List Company (Reston, VA)
RMLCRoyal Marine Labour Corps (UK)
RMLCRadio Music Licensing Committee
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Oxenford explains that RMLC has gone to court to seek to have an arbitration process, like that used with SESAC, imposed on GMR.
The key takeaway from GMR: The interim license was negotiated by both GMR and RMLC.
In the letter, obtained by Streamline Publishing'sRadio INK, Grimmett called theinterim license "the product of weeks of negotiations, proposals, and counter-proposals" between GMR and RMLC.
BMI and the RMLC have agreed that the interim license fees due for the period 1997 through 2002 will remain unchanged and will be the final fees due for this period.
We are pleased to have reached an agreement with BMI that provides for set fees for the industry rather than calculating BMI license fees based on a station's revenue," said Randall Mays, Chair of the RMLC.
First, Christian says, "GMR incorrectly asserts that the interim license fee was 'negotiated' with the RMLC.
As the RMLC believes the availability of an interim license "is an important option to our constituents who had legitimate concern as to infringement exposure related to GMR works," it reached just before Christmas aninterim license for the period Jan.
This is designed to set an interim rate agreeable to both BMI and the RMLC.
It was not until July 2015 that a resolution was reached between RMLC and SESAC.
28 industry messages , Azoff said, "Asthe result of further discussions between the RMLC andGMR, GMR will make available to radio stations an interim license.
The filing of the GMR complaint comes following the summer 2015 settlement of similar litigation between RMLC and SESAC.
Here, from RMLC, are key elements of the agreement: