RMNCHReproductive, Maternal, Newborn and Child Health
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Based on interactions with policy practitioners and health programme managers, RMNCH faces critical challenges related to the availability of human resources at service delivery units such as Basic Health Units (BHUs)which provide the maternal, child health, family planning services and curative care for gynaecological problems.
The gaps in legislation on RMNCH points to the lack of political ownership of maternal and child health in Pakistan and structural barriers faced by women when accessing family planning services.
The rapid creation of a web of global health initiatives with separate governance arrangements, resources, and outputs have intensified the debate about leadership and accountability within the global RMNCH community, mirroring the debate in global health more generally.
Survey and interview data collected at the midway point of the 2010-2015 Global Strategy project (ie, in 2012 and 2013) reveal the differing beliefs and perceptions of coalitions about the Global Strategy and its utility as an agenda-setting and policy formulation effort, as well as reflections on negotiations and competition between coalitions within the global RMNCH community.
By contrast, although Nicaragua showed improvements in RMNCH coverage, the country's absolute and relative inequalities for mortality and stunting worsened.
It is worth noting that there are other dimensions of inequalities that are relevant to the coverage of RMNCH interventions, e.
The seminar also discussed the performance of provinces with regards to RMNCH which showed mixed results.
Project activities will vary depending on the RMNCH priorities of the recipient government, but may include: (1) Clinical interventions such as increasing access to health services and health facilities from the pre-pregnancy stage onwards for women, newborns and children, (2) Health systems interventions such as strengthening health information systems, increasing access to medical products/technologies, and health systems strengthening; (3) Multi-sectoral interventions such as education, nutrition, and water and sanitation, in addition to strengthening CRVS systems.
The GFF supports countries in developing individual RMNCH investment cases to align various sources of financing to national RMNCH priorities.
The RMNCH Fund s grants portfolio has more than doubled to 19 countries, and 28 grants (from initial 9), with replenishment of the fund by one of its major funders.
PMNCH is hoping to continue to foster sustainable, self-supporting communities of journalists and editors, empowering them to educate their peers, focusing even greater attention on RMNCH issues, and building support for greater investment in RMNCH issues at the national and international levels.