RMNPRocky Mountain National Park (Colorado, USA)
RMNPRiding Mountain National Park (Manitoba, Canada)
RMNPRoyal Manas National Park (Bhutan)
RMNPRwenzori Mountains National Park (Uganda)
RMNPRocky Mountain Nature Photographers (various states)
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We then compared differences (absolute values) between known measures of BM of black bears in RMNP to (1) estimated BM from a model derived for RMNP, (2) estimated BM using a model derived from a high elevation population in Montana (Swenson et al.
The best predictive equation for black bear BM in RMNP included only girth for both males ([F.
This study was conducted during summer-early fall in 2003 and 2004 in RMNP that is located in north-central Colorado, covering 1,075 [km.
We directly observed and measured activity patterns and foraging behavior of moose at close range (5-20 m) because moose in RMNP are habituated to people and tolerate close observation.
In 1999, recognizing that Park's operations themselves may have a significant negative effect on the natural environment and compliance with the federal government policy on the Greening of Government Operations, RMNP developed and implemented an EMS to provide a framework for managing, evaluating, improving and communicating park environmental performance.
Post-implementation, RMNP restored two of these sites and established remediation plans and/or risk management plans for four of the five contaminated sites remaining.
This group--which consisted of representatives of various park user groups, including local schools, cycling clubs, eco-tourism operators, and horse outfitters--was used to aid the process of implementing a monitoring program in RMNP.
Concerns and actions of the wardens at RMNP initiated this project.
He lauded the efforts of both the RMNP and DCMF for organising a series of safety of journalists' trainings in Southern Punjab.
Earlier, RMNP President Ehsan Ahmed Sehar exhorted upon the political and religious parties and groups to formulate "code of ethics" for ensuring security and safety of the media-persons while performing their professional assignments in the country and abroad.
Because nutrition is so closely coupled with willow communities for the RMNP moose herd, its health is dependent upon the vigor of the park's willow communities.
The purpose of this study was to document summer diet composition of moose in RMNP.