RMSEARoot Mean Square Error of Approximation
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Table 1 Summaiy of Goodness-of-Fit Indices and Invariance Analysis for the 2 x 2 PMCQPAS Multiple Indices [chi Model square] df TLI GFI CFI RMSEA Confirmatory factor analysis 1.
Alternative models for the multidimensional structure of Wisconsin Schizotypy Scales [chi square] SD [chi square]/df RMSEA 1.
984) [[chi square] = 110,80 (50 df; p = 0); RMSEA = 0.
Although the CFI did not meet established criterion (Raykov & Marcoulides, 2006; Kline, 2011), the GFI (Raykov & Marcoulides, 2006), RMR (Flu & Bentler, 1999), Critical N (CN) (Schreiber, Nora, Stage, Barlow, & King, 2006), RMSEA and 90% Cl for RMSEA (Kline, 2011) were all within acceptable range.
96), but the RMSEA was not within the acceptable criteria range (RMSEA = 0.
Most commonly used criteria include AIC (Akaike Information Criteria), RMSEA (Root Mean Square Error of Approximation), GFI (Goodness of Fit Index), AGFI (Adjusted Goodness of Fit Index) and CFI (Comparative Fit Index) (8, 10-11).
The Robust RMSEA also accounts for non-normality in the data and is based on the average lack of fit per degree of freedom; therefore, as the fit improves, the RMSEA decreases.
08 for the RMSEA, was set (Browne and Cudeck 1992).
Tomando los criterios de Byrne (2010) y Hu y Bentler (1998), se asumio que un buen ajuste del modelo conllevaria valores de CFI, GFI y AGFI superiores a 0,90, valores de SRMR inferiores a 0,05 y valores de RMSEA entre 0,06 y 0,08.
TABLE 3 Fit Statistics for Two Structural Equation Models Model [chi square] df RMSEA CFI Model 1 5.
Results of the cross-validation were measured using Chi-square and RMSEA (Root Mean Square Error of Approximation).