RMSECRoot Mean Square Error of Calibration (mathematics)
RMSECRamon Magsaysay Student Essay Competition (Philippines)
RMSECRights Management Server External Connector (trademark of Microsoft, Inc.)
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Los valores de RMSEC para los constituyentes de rye grass italiano fueron bajos, observandose los mejores resultados para los constituyentes EE (0.
From Table 1, it can be seen that the proposed RMSEC method obtains a far higher recognition rate than MSEC and MMSEC.
It can be also seen from Table 2 that the recognition accuracy of the suggested RMSEC is higher than that of the other methods.
From Table 3, we can see that the proposed RMSEC classifies much more accurately than other two methods.
Statistical results for the main components of a 7-component system PCR model RMSEC RMSEP [r.
RMSEC =[square root of term][n summation over (i=1)][([c.
The series of PLS models proposed in this work showed RMSEC and RMSECV values up to 56 w/w % (with the exception of the PLS model for prediction of muscovite based on the KBr pellet technique).
1]), sendo os valores de RMSECV, RMSEP e RMSEC, bem como o numero de variaveis latentes empregado (VLs), apresentado na Tabela 1.
Os valores de RMSECV, RMSEP e RMSEC para todos os testes realizados, bem como para o modelo global, sao apresentados na Tabela 2.
The determination coefficient (R2) RMSEC for calibration set were 0.
The developed calibration model offers highest values of R2 and lowest value of RMSEC.