RMSEPRoot-Mean-Square Error of Prediction
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The last but not least is the ratio of the RMSECV or RMSEP to SD of reference data in the prediction, denoted as RPD:
Statistical results for the main components of a 7-component system PCR model RMSEC RMSEP [r.
In their evaluations, when MP was first limiting, the level 2 also had a greater precision than level 1 and the RMSEP was about 110 g/d for confined animals.
In general, the prediction quality for total soil N is better than total soil C, as shown by lower RMSEP and higher coefficient of determination ([r.
2], RMSEP, RPD, and RER (Table 3) in predicting N (compared to C) when the model was tested using a vice versa test (A to B and B to A test).
The RMSEPs remain at the same levels as the SECVs given for calibration samples.
8b, d, f), indicating that the calculated RMSEP and SEP values were most applicable across the range of predicted sqrt_OC values.
The spectra window of wavelength 1400 to 1900 nm, a region between the two main hydroxyl absorption peaks, gave the best models with low RMSEP values when compared to other wavelengths used for model development.
Better RMSEP values are obtained for PP/ABS blends since PP and ABS greatly differ in chemical structure, whereas PP and HDPE contain methyl groups, which overlap and affect the spectra of the blends.
97 Prediction set RMSEP (%) Rp Wood section A (a) B (b) A (a) B (b) Tangential (T) 6.
During the prediction state, the RMSEP is considered to be more important than [r.