RMSEPRoot Mean Square Error of Prediction
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Table 4 shows that the PSO-SVR, which is based on improved CEEMDAN for predictions and whose R and RMSEP are 0.
The last but not least is the ratio of the RMSECV or RMSEP to SD of reference data in the prediction, denoted as RPD:
2006 Number of lakes 63 39 68 Number of taxa (or groups) 72 34 44 Temperature range ([degrees]C) 4-17 6-27 5-19 RMSEP ([degrees]C) 1.
Na Figura 2 sao apresentados os valores de referencia do numero de cetano (obtidos por IQT) versus os valores previstos pelo modelo HATRFTIR/PLS utilizando a mesma regiao do espectro indicada na Figura 1, obtendo RMSEP de 0,314; RMSECV de 0,728 e apresentando coeficiente de determinacao [r.
Se obtuvo un modelo de prediccion de CO por PLSR a partir de espectros medidos en campo, con un coeficiente de correlacion de 0,70 y un RMSEP de 3,6 g CO [kg.
Statistical results for the main components of a 7-component system PCR model RMSEC RMSEP [r.
In their evaluations, when MP was first limiting, the level 2 also had a greater precision than level 1 and the RMSEP was about 110 g/d for confined animals.
In general, the prediction quality for total soil N is better than total soil C, as shown by lower RMSEP and higher coefficient of determination ([r.
The RMSEPs remain at the same levels as the SECVs given for calibration samples.
CROPGRO-Soybean Physiological processes RMSEP MEP ([dagger]) ([double dagger]) Time to flowering, d 2.
BRT model comparisons were made using the root mean squared error for prediction (RMSEP) and the RMSEP relative to the mean of the response variable as a percent (RMSEP%) for the validation data sets.