RMSIRegional Maritime Security Initiative (US Pacific Command)
RMSIRemovable Media Solutions, Inc.
RMSIRichmond Main Street Initiative (California)
RMSIRegular Member Selection Interview (preparatory guide; Royal Canadian Mounted Police; Canada)
RMSIRisk Management Services, Inc. (various locations)
RMSIRocky Mountain Systems, Inc. (telecommunications)
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RMSI staff have also had a few near misses, including being in a camp in Basra which came under rocket and missile attack.
We believe this service created by EAG and RMSI is unique in the region, in that EAG manages and operates a dedicated air ambulance, alongside the skilled medical evacuation mission capabilities of RMSI.
Even when considered under its true spirit, RMSI would likely not have succeeded.
RMSI also conducted numerous store sets and resets, on a national basis, for many of these clients.
For an overview of the RMSI see Admiral Tom Fargo's address to the Military Operations and Law Conference, Victoria, British Columbia, on 3 May 2004, available at www.
Petronor FZE, Iraq based oilfield services company, inked a deal with RMSI, a company specialized in medical solutions in hostile environments.
IBM Global Services GTSI Servers (64-bit Compaq, HP & Itanium IBM, HP, Sun Workstation HP, Sun Compaq, HP Storage IBM, Sun, EMC, McData HP, Compaq, EMC, Systems System Upgrade, RMSI, Dot Hill, Network Appliances Network Appliances Networking Cisco, WIMAX Secure Cisco, 3COM, HP, Enterasys, Foundry
The assets RMSI 2004-SR1 consists of a percentage of RFMSI mortgage pass-through certificates, series 2003-S17, class A-5 certificates (the underlying certificates).
Petronor FZE, an oilfield services company operating in Iraq, and RMSI, a company specializing in medical solutions in hostile environments and with a proven track record in Iraq, announced today the signature of a contract for RMSI to become the primary resident medical provider at Petronor's Iraq Energy City.
Pacific Command, had testified before Congress that Special Forces and Marines in small craft would be deployed under RMSI to safeguard the Strait of Malacca, Malaysian and Indonesian officials asserted in strong language their sovereign control over the waterway.
Recently, the Pacific Fleet participated in several efforts to further the growing partnership resulting from the Regional Maritime Security Initiative or RMSI.