RMSLReliability, Maintainability, Supportability and Logistics (software; SAE International)
RMSLRocky Mountain Ski Lodge (Alberta, Canada)
RMSLRaytheon Missile Systems Louisville (Lousville, KY)
RMSLRemote, Maximum, Single line to ground fault, Line current
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The divergence of the results (minimal and maximal values of the RMSL and RMST errors) was judged as too broad, thus unsatisfactory.
RMSL has achieved 135% increase in sales, 230% increase in bookings, and 100% on-time delivery rate, all over the last 6 to 7 years.
Matthews first became a part of the Denbridge organization in 1994, when a company which he co-founded in 1992, RMSL Traffic Systems Ltd.