RMSMRoyal Military School of Music (UK)
RMSMRocky Mountain Steel Mills (Pueblo, CO)
RMSMRevised Minimum Standard Model (World Bank)
RMSMRequired Minimum Solvency Margin
RMSMRoyal Marine School of Music (Portsmouth, UK)
RMSMRocky Mountain Street Machines (car club)
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The corpus of maintenance research using the RMSM has found that relationship maintenance behaviors contribute between 37% (Dainton & Aylor, 2002b) and 56% of the variance in relational satisfaction (Stafford & Canary, 1991).
In December, RMSM will reopen its seamless mill, which manufactures pipe and tubular products.
For the fourth quarter of 2006 and into 2007, the Company expects its primary facilities to operate at high production levels, except for the RMSM Division rod and bar mill, which has operated at 60 percent of its rated capacity throughout 2006.
Household savings in the EMSM have the conventional form (assumed in the RMSM to apply to the whole private sector) of the residual after consumption out of disposable income.
Villas EF, Domingues RMSM, Dias MAB, Gama SGN, Theme-Filha MM, Costa JV, Bastos MH, Leal MC.
4 Opening of tender at State Project Office, RMSM, Board Office Campus, Pension Bara, Raipur
The RMSM Division expects to ship approximately 400,000 tons of rail, 330,000 tons of rod and bar products and 85,000 tons of seamless pipe.
Viellas EF, Domingues RMSM, Dias MAB, Gama SGN, Filha T, Miranda M, Costa JV, Bastos MH, Leal MC.
The agreement provides for Maverick Tube to be the exclusive worldwide marketing and sales representative for RMSM seamless pipe products.
whereby Maverick will have the exclusive worldwide right to market and sell RMSM premium seamless OCTG products.