RMSMRoyal Military School of Music (UK)
RMSMRocky Mountain Steel Mills (Pueblo, CO)
RMSMRevised Minimum Standard Model (World Bank)
RMSMRequired Minimum Solvency Margin
RMSMRoyal Marine School of Music (Portsmouth, UK)
RMSMRocky Mountain Street Machines (car club)
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In December, RMSM will reopen its seamless mill, which manufactures pipe and tubular products.
The increase in average selling price is partially due to increased welded pipe sales in the Oregon Steel Division, which have a higher average selling price than plate products and to improved rod pricing at RMSM.
For the fourth quarter of 2006 and into 2007, the Company expects its primary facilities to operate at high production levels, except for the RMSM Division rod and bar mill, which has operated at 60 percent of its rated capacity throughout 2006.
Household savings in the EMSM have the conventional form (assumed in the RMSM to apply to the whole private sector) of the residual after consumption out of disposable income.
Forecast Actual Actual Q2 2006 Q1 2006 Q2 2005 Oregon Steel Division: Plate and coil 216,000 184,800 148,500 Welded pipe(1) 43,000 62,300 66,900 Structural tubing 22,000 18,400 13,700 Less shipment to affiliates (78,000) (48,300) (36,300) 203,000 217,200 192,800 RMSM Division: Rail 98,000 93,300 103,200 Rod and bar 84,000 75,000 83,600 Seamless pipe 23,000 14,000 0 205,000 182,300 186,800 Total 408,000 399,500 379,600 (1) Includes large diameter line pipe, ERW line pipe and ERW casing.
Rob Simon, Vice-President and General Manager of RMSM, added, "We are pleased about the reopening of our seamless mill and the successful start-up we experienced in December of 2005.
Maverick broadens and upgrades its product portfolio, our customers have access to premium seamless OCTG products and RMSM gains an efficient, experienced sales force with access to multiple markets.
0 million of RMSM Furnace Installation and seamless mill startup expenses, higher unit conversion cost noted above as a result of lower production at RMSM and lower average selling prices for plate, rod and bar and structural tubing, partially offset by higher total shipments, higher average selling prices for welded pipe and rail products, and lower average scrap costs.
This is an excellent decision, and shows that the union's attempts to discredit the mill and our employees are flawed and futile," said RMSM vice president and general manager Rob Simon.
5 million ("Settlement Charge") as part of the settlement of a labor dispute ("Settlement") at RMSM and additions to long-term environmental reserves of $1.
Despite the union's best efforts at disrupting the contract awarding process in other communities, both the Sacramento Regional Transit District and the Valley Transportation Authority (VTA) of Santa Clara County recently purchased rail from RMSM for their light rail projects.