RMSPRegião Metropolitana de São Paulo (Portuguese: São Paulo Metropolitan Region; Brazil)
RMSPRocky Mountain School of Photography (Missoula, MT)
RMSPRepublican Main Street Partnership (Washington, DC)
RMSPRoyal Mail Steam Packet (ship)
RMSPRobert Moses State Park (Long Island, New York)
RMSPRural Medical Scholars Program (University of Alabama)
RMSPRisk Management Service Provider
RMSPResources & Mission Sponsor Plan
RMSPRelative Market Share Position
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Le RMSP peut se developper a partir du cordon spermatique, l'epididyme et les tuniques testiculaires, dont resulte une masse scrotale indolore[sup.
Environ de 26 % a 71% des patients qui ont un RMSP presentent des adenopathies regionales[sup.
The survey was commissioned by the RMSP and conducted by nationally known pollster Linda DiVall of American Viewpoint of Alexandria, Va.
Amory Houghton (R-NY), founder and board member of the RMSP, whose membership includes 54 federally elected officials, said the initiatives the group is backing will protect the rights of law-abiding citizens to purchase guns as well as provide more aggressive enforcement of our existing gun laws through successful programs such as Project Exile.