RMSSDRoot Mean Square of Successive Differences
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In males, mean HR, mean RR, and RMSSD were significantly different between baseline and mobile phone use either directly or with the use of earphones.
Las variables analizadas fueron el porcentaje del total de horas del dia donde el organismo reacciona a estimulos que le provocan estres (% estres) y recuperacion (% recuperacion), tanto antes como despues del evento estresor y la RMSSD o variabilidad cardiaca (tiempo que pasa entre latido y latido del corazon) como variable que analiza directamente el impacto que el estimulo estresor tiene en el organismo, medida durante los dias posteriores al evento.
In depressed patients, there is considerable decrease in parasympathetic activity as can be seen from decreased HF power and RMSSD components of HRV in comparison with healthy control group.
The calculated parameters are SDNN, RMSSD and LF/HF as shown in the figure Fig.
In the time domain, the following variables chosen were VarRR (Variance of RR intervals), SDNN (standard deviation of RR intervals), RMSSD (square root of the mean squared differences between adjacent normal RR intervals, expressed in milliseconds, ms), and pNN50 (the proportion of NN50 divided by total number of NNs).
In the present study, the ISO treated animals had decreased HR variability and RMSSD and increased LF/HF ratio and BP variability, suggesting a higher sympathetic and a lower parasympathetic modulation in heart and blood vessels.
Also, there was a significant decrease of SDNN and RMSSD in response to painful stimuli (SDNN: F = 6.
9: Comparison of Time domain measures of the PCOS and Control groups there was significant decrease in RMSSD and pNN50 among the patients than the controls.
Time domain parameters RMSSD pNN50 which suggests parasympathetic activity (vagal tone) were significantly lower in diabetics.
Degiorgio CM, Miller P, Meymandi S, Chin A, Epps J, Gordon S et al (2010) RMSSD, a measure of vagus-mediated heart rate variability, is associated with risk factors for SUDEP: the SUDEP-7 Inventory.
Commonly used time-domain parameters, such as SDNN, RMSSD, NN50, pNN50 [20] are calculated from the IBI time series.