RMZRadio Mandatory Zone (aviation)
RMZResource Management Zone
RMZriparian management zone
RMZRescue Mission Zambia (Lusaka, Zambia)
RMZRegionale Milieuzorg (Houthalen, Belgium)
RMZRight Middle Zone (lung region)
RMZRock Man Zero (video game)
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Following the results of the event, the participants unanimously decided to approve the initiative of PJSC PIMCU to organize the functions of the Transbaikal regional agroservice center on the basis of RMZ, which will carry out repair and restoration works of agricultural machinery.
We are having final negotiations with QIA about pricing and the exit should happen by March," said Raj Menda, co-owner and corporate chairman at RMZ.
The potential is huge," says RMZ Corp Chairman Raj Menda, but adds that there needs to be a clear solution with regards to REIT taxation: "If government doesn't reduce taxes on REITs, we will list in Singapore and not in India.
The Hawarden Airport RMZ Consultation website stated: "The reason we are considering the establishment of an RMZ is quite simply safety.
Daihatsu Motor Company (TYO: 7262), a Japan-based automaker, is launching its two show cars named Kopen RMZ and Kopen XMZ, respectively, at the 2013 Tokyo Motor Show.
There is "no significant loss of material" with the RMZ, Thiele notes, adding that purging clears the pocket.
148/1, RMZ Futura II, Arekere, BG Road, Bangalore--560076, India.
RUZ, LUZ, RMZ, LMZ, RLZ and LLZ for the measurement of air trapping.
In 2004, the company purchased a commercial building, RMZ Titanium, in Bengaluru, and receives rentals of around Rs.
He is the owner of RMZ LLC and has already gotten Water Department and Sewer Department approval to divide his 1,900-square-foot building.
Tenders are invited for For arranging shift duties & house keeping works contracts for 66/11 kV RMZ substation in jurisdiction of BMAZ South Circle, KPTCL
Cyrino EG, Cyrino APP, Prearo AY, Popim RC, Simonetti JP, Villas Boas PJF, Hashimoto M, Patricio KP, Romanholi RMZ, Manoel CM, Hokama POM.