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RINResearch Information Network (UK)
RINRenewable Identification Number (US EPA)
RINResource Identification Number
RINRegional Information Network
RINRadio Italia Network (Italian: Radio Network Italy; broadcaster)
RINRegulatory Information Notice (Australian energy markets)
RINRelative Intensity Noise
RINRNA Integrity Number (software algorithm)
RINRoyal Institute of Navigation (UK)
RINReference Identification Number (various locations)
RINRussian Information Network (Russia)
RINRecord Identification Number
RINRetirement Index Number (various companies)
RINRoyal Indian Navy (WWII)
RINRèglement Intérieur National de la Profession d'Avocat (French: National Internal Regulations of the Legal Profession)
RINRegulatory Identifier Number
RINRenewal Identification Number (vehicle registration)
RINRegistrant Identification Number (Canada)
RINRensselaer Identification Number (student/employee tracking)
RINReport Identification Number
RINRassemblement pour l'Independence Nationale
RINRouting Instruction Note
RINRadiation Information Network (Idaho State University website)
RINRetrofit Incorporation Notice
RINReturn Incident Number
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Together, this approach and these selected metrics can be employed to provide an RNA Integrity Number (RIN) on a eukaryotic RNA extract.
The 28S/18S ribosomal RNA ratio and RNA integrity number (RIN) scores were acquired from the Agilent Technologies 2100 Expert software package.
The extent of RNA degradation can be estimated with the so-called RNA integrity number (RIN) (23), which characterizes RNA integrity on a continuous scale from 1 (RNA completely degraded) to 10 (RNA without degradation).
The RIN: an RNA integrity number for assigning integrity values to RNA measurements.
The RNA integrity number (RIN) algorithm (Agilent 2100 expert software) and calculations of the 28S-to-18S rRNA band intensity ratio were used to evaluate RNA integrity.
RNA integrity was determined by 28S:18S ribosomal RNA ratio and RNA integrity number (RIM; Agilent 2100 RIN Beta Version Software).
RNA integrity number (RIN): standardization of RNA quality control.
BM specimens were eligible for evaluation if all 4 RNA preparation procedures (2 PAXgene samples and 2 reference samples) fulfilled the following selection criteria for downstream analysis: (a) RNA concentration >5 mg/L and (b) RNA integrity number (RIN) >7 or [A.