RNADRoyal Naval Armament Depot
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I'm very pleased that a new, exciting use has been found for the former RNAD Blackbridge site," he said.
The Atomic Weapons Establishment (AWE) want to manage RNAD Coulport, who are responsible for Trident nuclear missiles.
The company has purchased the former Gulf refinery at Waterston and the RNAD Blackbridge site and propos-N es to build a renewable energy facility for converting biomass into clean biogas which would then be used to either produce green electricity or green liquid fuels.
At that time Fishguard did not have the kind of tourist trade enjoyed by the southern county resorts, but the harbour and later the RNAD (Royal Naval Armament Depot) complex in Trecwn provided the critical mass of employment that supported the economy the year round.
The construction of the RNAD complex provided enormous opportunities for local and not so local people.
1983: Esso refinery closes; 300 jobs lost 1988: RNAD depot at Milford Haven; 300 jobs.