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RNAVArea Navigation
RNAVRadar Navigation
RNAVRemote Navigation
RNAVRevalued Net Asset Value
RNAVRandom Navigation Area Navigation
RNAVRealisable Net Asset Value
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GPS in its earlier forms is not new in the aviation business but it has taken much development to enable Thomas Cook Airlines becoming the first UK carrier to gain CAA approval to use GPS-based RNAV (Required Navigation) technology in landing approaches.
This course provides a description of the navigation techniques of B-RNAV, P-RNAV and RNP RNAV and explains how technologies like GPS, SBAS, GBAS and the planned Galileo system will support future navigation requirements.
RNAV gives aircraft the capability to fly routes that do not overfly fixed ground navigation beacons.
The procedure is a new approach, titled the Musha One RNAV Arrival Procedure, which was developed specifically for the Fargo airport, optimizes fuel efficiency by ensuring the most direct approach possible and evaluating the benefits of a Continuous Descent Approach (CDA) procedure for the fleet.
The Kollsman EVS is well suited for Next Generation airspace satellite based operations, such as WAAS, LAAS, SBAS, RNP, and RNAV, by providing a means to continue descent below decision height at all airports regardless of infrastructure and weather conditions.
And as we transform this system to a satellite-based system, we need to incorporate those kinds of routing -- area navigation, RNAV and RNP procedures -- like we've been able to do in places like Dallas and Atlanta, where we've added anywhere between 11 and 20 operations per hour at those airport.
Known as PEEER 1 RNAV, the new procedures utilize the latest global positioning satellite (GPS) technology coupled with NetJets sophisticated onboard flight management systems.
TARGETS is a terminal area navigation (RNAV) procedure implementation tool that offers a unique combination of capabilities for RNAV procedure and route design, flyability assessment, and ATC service provider and operator evaluation and familiarization of these procedures through simulation.
The certification, granted under CASR Part 173, authorizes Jeppesen to create Performance Based Navigation (PBN) procedures such as Required Navigation Performance (RNP) Special Aircraft and Aircrew Authorization Required (SAAAR) as well as conventional VOR, ILS and RNAV procedures.
New features will include an option for a second flight management system, a video interface for displaying enhanced vision systems on the multifunction displays, en route vertical navigation coupling in addition to the currently enabled RNAV approach glidepath coupling, a vertical situation display and RNP 1.
a second copy of the means may be necessary to - Increase the capacity of the test based on the RNAV department workload induced weapons programs;- Give the ability to conduct experiments in deception.
In 2008, for example, DonauwE[micro]rth became the first European helipad to introduce satellite-based RNAV (area navigation) specifically for use by helicopters and recently, Eurocopter in Marignane successfully approved new landing procedures relying on augmented satellite guidance allowing lower sound level footprints.