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RNAVArea Navigation
RNAVRadar Navigation
RNAVRemote Navigation
RNAVRevalued Net Asset Value
RNAVRandom Navigation Area Navigation
RNAVRealisable Net Asset Value
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Rather than use the straight-in minima associated with either the ILS or the RNAV, you can break out and circle to 17 if the ceiling is high enough.
So, whenever I'm done holding at DOMAN--or even on the way to DOM AN if I don't want to wait for the hold, I'll simply go direct to KARSE, the IAF for the RNAV Runway 15 approach.
There now are several different types of GPS approaches baked into a standard RNAV procedure, each with their own nuances and minimums published on the same plate.
IATA chief Giovanni Bisignani says the association "is targeting 19 new RNAV routes" in Latin America for 2010.
The GPS approach at Shoreham Airport will be the first approved RNAV Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) non-precision approach for general aviation in the UK, the CAA said.
It includes all the major developments in communication (eg data link), surveillance (eg ADS-B and Mode S) and navigation (eg RNAV and GNSS).
TARGETS is a terminal area navigation (RNAV) procedure implementation tool that offers a unique combination of capabilities for RNAV procedure and route design, flyability assessment, and ATC service provider and operator evaluation and familiarization of these procedures through simulation.
Another controller fed the Columbia to my radar sector, direct to the left T-fix for the advertised RNAV approach.
The subject of the tender is the service support monitoring and control systems CMOS, RCMS, RCOM, RCMS RNAV, RCMS BYPASS and database information system TIS, based on CitectSCADA.
RNAV procedures are being put into place much faster than usual thanks to the use of a new software program, the Terminal Area Route Generation Evaluation and Traffic Simulation Tool, or TARGETS.
Simply put, area navigation is the ability to fly point-to-point while RNP is the ability to fly RNAV within given accuracy requirements.